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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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On Vox: seven songs done!
myspace sloth

(note: for those of you wondering why I'm recording cello arrangements of Jawbox songs, please see the original post below)

It has been several weeks since I've seen any update on Cal's blog regarding his condition; I can only hope that the winter is being kind to Cal & family, and has not brought any more colds or complications.  Likewise, internet traffic regarding Cal seems to have slowed lately; I'm hoping that as this album gets closer to completion, there will be a resurgence of interest.

Speaking of recording, I had a marathon session with Alex last Saturday -- we recorded three songs in six hours flat.  The diplacusis thankfully has not come back, and I managed to go through the whole session with the headphones only on my left ear.  Saturday's session added "Whitney Walks," "Savory," and an odd re-interpretation of "Consolation Prize" (from the album Grippe) to the seven songs completed so far.  The latter song's arrangement was something I heard in my head while falling asleep one night -- I woke up thinking "damn, which song was that???", luckily figuring it out a few moments later.  It ended up as basically just two tracks, one being the original vocal melody, and the other loosely based on the guitar line -- I'm happy with how it turned out.  "Savory" was a challenge, as I'd never done it before, but it came out well too.

Sometime next week I'll rotate the samples on the MySpace page -- right now you can hear clips of three of the songs from Jawbox's self-titled album.  Feel free to add the profile to your friends list.

On Monday night I checked out Uncle Sam's Music in Lauderhill -- Alex and I are currently working to set up a benefit show for Cal there for sometime in April.  It's this awesome record store -- basically the closest thing to a Newberry Comics in South Florida -- and the owners have built a loft over the back half of the store where they hold shows.  The vibe is fantastic, I can't wait to play there.

I'll take real pictures soon, but in the meantime, here are some cell-phone camera shots of the recording process:

a vocal mic is definitely the best to record cello, as the instrument is the closest of any to the sound of a human voice.

Not sure what half of this equipment does, but it looks cool.

A pre-requisite for getting through marathon recording sessions.

Please check back for more updates soon!

Originally posted on trisloth.vox.com

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(Deleted comment)

in vox, go to Account -> Outside Services -> Your Other Blog (or something like that) and you'll get a screen to configure cross-posting.

Thanks, and double-thanks for the link from your vox! :)

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