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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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On Vox: show on June 16; cd's ready soon!
myspace sloth

All of a sudden, in the space of a few weeks, the CD is done, and we have a benefit show set up for 8pm next Saturday at the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca!  Once the master was in hand, I scrambled to get it sent to DiscMakers, literally the next day -- just in time for them to promise delivery one day before the show.  Hopefully there are no snags and the show will double as a CD-release party.

I updated the myspace page with four of the final mastered tracks, a couple of new pictures (thanks Cathy!!) and one video of me recording the bass track for "Reel."

Gotta run, but I will update again soon with more details about the show and album.

Originally posted on trisloth.vox.com

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congratulations! it sounds great!

bwahahaha if ever a photo needed a mosh girl photoshop, this is it!

pssst. updated version below!

Re: You forgot the guy!

hahaha PERFECT!!

Re: You forgot the guy!


I like that picture. And congrats! Exciting stuff!

I love "Iodine."

'tis a good song! it was the first one to be recorded.


Also, lovely picture. :-)

hahaha i myspace friended you, like some 16 yrs old grrl.

hey i saw you in a macro community and thought you would enjoy this macro competition community.

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