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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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On Vox: More photos from 6/16/07 benefit show
myspace sloth

[For a chronicle of the last two benefit shows (and a link to Paul Roub's photos), see yesterday's post]

Much thanks go to Cathy Seeley for these photos:

Alex Nelson of Frenjen:

The Fantastic 5:

Paul Roub:

playing with Frenjen/F5:

Originally posted on trisloth.vox.com

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thanks! cathy is indeed an excellent photographer.


so white it physically hurts.

They have a new lotion for that. It's called "Whiteylaxin". It's guaranteed to lessen your personal "whiteytude" by 50% with very little residual swelling. Also cures Dancing White Man's overbite and has been clinically proven to make you as funky as Stevie Wonder. Go see your doctor for a prescription.

Will it make me stop listening to Rick Astley?

Get that guy some Whiteylaxin, stat!

OMG I wanted to marry Rick Astley when I was like 9.

He's never gonna give you up.


Dude. I think those were his only two hits.

Did you ever see the Family Guy parody (second link above under one of my replies to thisisthenow) ??

It's brilliant, even has a jab at Back to the Future.

I vaguely remember it. And I'm blocked from YouTube here (as well as many other things).

try going to tools -> internet options -> connections -> LAN settings and uncheck everything (if there are things checked there)


you should get a laptop with an AirCard and just bring that in every day instead :)

I had no idea you were so cute. Let us make out post haste@!

does this mean i'm third in line?

but of course there is no line

there is only you

Those circa 1992 Luke Perry sideburns + cello = instant Whiteboy Cuteness Factor 100!

The recent XTreme Gray-Hair Acceleration seems to have been an unexpected positive thing, too.

The hair matches your stonewashed jeans!

No wai dude, that was the flash! I don't own no 80's jeans.

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