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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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recording with swith_drawn
myspace sloth
they say that a task will take up however much time you allot to it. in one sense, it has taken an eternity to record a set of songs i wrote about 10 years ago, because i never set a deadline for it. in another sense, it is taking exactly three days.

after 10 years of schedules-never-working-out, swith_drawn and i finally found a small window of time when we could get together and play music. we had exactly one day for rehearsing - yesterday - and we started recording this afternoon at my friend jason's house. we've already done the basics for six songs, with three more to go tomorrow. then it's off to our grandmother's in harrisburg on wednesday for christmas.

it's so strange to hear these old songs with drums, as they were intended. i am incredibly psyched and so glad i waited for the chance to play them with stephen - they never would have sounded right otherwise. thanks brother!

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Sounds great about the music!

When in Harrisburg, I highly recommend the Olive Garden. It's the best one on the East Coast. The breadsticks are like yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm and the salad is like uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhnffffffff.

Dude, there's an awesome Friday's somewhere around there too. And a Wendy's if you're feeling exotic.

All the reviews for Wendy's in Harrisburg are poor on Yelp. Clearly, something is amiss!


This is my grandma's favorite restaurant:


It is so Pennsylvania. We got enormous breakfasts for 3 people for a total of $10 the last time we were there.

Awesome Indian Restaurant, here we come



We should all separately review it to help bump up the average rating.

Edited at 2008-12-23 04:07 pm (UTC)


ps. jeff, don't rat us out to yelp! we legitimately love this place.


i hate indian food, so i'll take your word for it.

anatinus is psyched that people are adopting another of his sayings :)

I would like very much to hear said recordings.

*threatening-voice* oh you will, you WILL.

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