trisloth (trisloth) wrote,

alex nelson - songs posted

this week, my good friend alex nelson posted 11 songs from his forthcoming album, 10 of which i play cello on:

for those keeping score at home, alex is the incredibly awesome soul who recorded my Jawbox on Cello album back in 2007.  we played a couple shows together before i moved up to virginia later that year.  alex's album was my first "remote" recording session - we traded files back and forth, and the studio i went to here had different recording software - so there were lots of chances for disasters, but it actually turned out great.  we swapped demos back and forth for 2 weeks, but the actual recording was some of the fastest i've ever attempted - 10 songs in 6 hours.  and half of them have two cello tracks.

this weekend, i'll be recording with the moon folks!

Tags: alex nelson, cello, recording
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