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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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alex nelson - songs posted
album insert
this week, my good friend alex nelson posted 11 songs from his forthcoming album, 10 of which i play cello on:


for those keeping score at home, alex is the incredibly awesome soul who recorded my Jawbox on Cello album back in 2007.  we played a couple shows together before i moved up to virginia later that year.  alex's album was my first "remote" recording session - we traded files back and forth, and the studio i went to here had different recording software - so there were lots of chances for disasters, but it actually turned out great.  we swapped demos back and forth for 2 weeks, but the actual recording was some of the fastest i've ever attempted - 10 songs in 6 hours.  and half of them have two cello tracks.

this weekend, i'll be recording with the moon folks!

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one of my dreams is to one day write a song that is worthy of having you play on it.

pffffffffffffttt. you have written plenty of worthy songs already!! don't mistake lack of recording budget for lack of cello-worthiness.

In Soviet recording session, cello bows YOU.

listening through now...excellent stuff!

awesome, thanks! i'll send out another update when alex has the album available for purchase. i think he's eyeing flash drives...

i tend to avoid physical distribution whenever possible -- it's just not necessary anymore...but with whatever he does, i hope it does well.

he should eye bandcamp.mu, btw...i have some clients up there and LOVE IT.

good call, i was checking out bandcamp the other day and was super-impressed. time to add it to my roster of sites... i wish there were a way to automatically redirect people from the lame (but necessary) band places to the better (but lesser known) ones..

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