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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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Rcrd Lbl feature
album insert

I am featured in today's "Demo Days" post on my favorite music blog, Rcrd Lbl:


And being featured, I now get my own Rcrd Lbl page! -


Next steps:
1. Play more cello
2. World domination.
3. ??????

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thanks man! i am srsly stoked. and other things without vowels.

thank you sir!

hey, i'll be playing at the lakeside lounge in the village on 3/5, as part of Tom Devaney's (of Betwixt) new band, Rotary Club. if you guys are around, it would be cool to see you!

Hell yes! I've put it on my calendar and send the info to Marci.

Lookit you, fancy!
Very exciting!
Wow wow wow.

thank you!!

it may not have a huge readership, but it is still my favorite place to find music - so it's quite an honor.

you're not a NATIVE of Arlington, are you???

Haha, no! I did not include that in my submitted bio - not sure where they got that from.

Haha, that is such a hip photo. Nice!

the paparazzi love gordon! they followed him all the way to london with their wide-angle lenses... ;)

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