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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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cello eating
wrote a fifth original cello song tonight. i'm happy that i'm able to do this. i've never written cello-only original songs before this year. also, it will be good not to have the second album be all covers again.

the other highlight of the day was receiving remastered copies of swervedriver's first two albums in the mail! holy crap they sound so good.

also practiced tonight for a recording session with Clutch this weekend. this may be the strangest fit yet in terms of a recording session... i have no idea how it's going to go. hopefully well!


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That is, as they say, "mad cool"! How do you go about writing original cello songs? Do you have composition software or anything? Record as you go? (I'm curious, 'cuz I wanna upgrade from Garageband)

i am still totally low-tech - i use a nearly 20-year old 4-track tape recorder. My setup is that, with a low-budget vocal mic (anything similar to an SM-58 will do), and a pair of headphones for listening back to previously recorded tracks.

For the five songs I've written so far, I come up with a couple cool-sounding ideas, then hit record and play them, while trying to improv and extend the original ideas while the tape is running. Sometimes it works, sometimes not :) Then I go back and come up with 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4th parts to go over the 1st. Coming up with subsequent ideas is always easier than the first one.

After that I plug my four-track into the line-in on my computer's soundcard, and dump the mix to an audio editing program like Audacity (or GarageBand, I'm assuming). That's it!

You can still get 4-track tape recorders, I think, and they're super-cheap now. I like working with them, precisely because they are limiting - it forces you to be more creative.

I don't use any composition software or anything like that, and I don't write anything out. If I don't work super-quickly, I lose my focus, and those types of things just slow me down. You can always transcribe stuff later if you have to.

Hope that is informative!

i want to hear! i love the cello and often wish i'd learned to play...

Thanks! The demos are too rough to post yet, but if/when I re-do them, I'll post some here.

Keep in mind that learning an instrument is exactly the same at any age after adolescence. A 20-year-old has no advantage over you, if you were to start now. You just have to commit the time :)

I saw Clutch open for System of a Down about 7 years ago. Weird.

Weird! But cello on a Clutch song is weirder, I guarantee.

Even if it doesn't work, at least I will have hung out in the studio with Clutch.

Yeah, no kidding. Sounds like an experience at the very least. You should tell the Internets all about it.

You have the honor of being the only person I know who composes w/ cello.
Very rad!

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