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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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Recording with The Bomb at Magpie Cage
myspace sloth

Last night I had a blast recording with Chicago's The Bomb (feat. Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun). I added cello to Jeff's excellent song "Make Me Whole". I had transcribed the parts Jeff wrote for trumpet, and flute, and other instruments, but due to budget and logistical constraints the "orchestra" ended up just being cello and J. Robbins on mellotron. But it ended up sounding great and I'm super-excited to get a (vynil!!!) copy of this record when it's done.

Jeff Dean and Jeff Pezzati (pictured) were wonderful and gracious people, and J. Robbins was of course his usual awesome self. Jeff P. kept cracking us up with old-school hardcore impressions of songs like "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" ("ThelegendlivesonfromtheChippewaondownOfthebiglaketheycallGitcheGumeemuthafukka!!!!!!!"). It reminded me of how much fun recording and playing music with cool people can be. Hopefully I'll be back at J's Magpie Cage recording my next album this June. More to come on that later...

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I love anything that uses a mellotron.

Can't wait to hear it. Let me know when it's available!

thanks, will do!!

(i love mellotrons too, although it's difficult to play in tune with them)

Dude, you're wearing a Laika t-shirt! That makes me so happy!

They're an all-time favorite!! Sounds of the Satellites has a special place in my heart.

They are one group that desperately needs to reunite. Only so I can see them perform, though, and then they can go back into retirement.

YES. and me too, I never got to see them either. I heard the singer plays cello and guitar for other bands' tours now...

Indeed. Margaret Fiedler played with Wire(!) this past summer, and they did a free show in NYC that I had to miss it because my mom was in town. So bummed!

That's right!!!! I wanted to say it was Wire, but I couldn't recall if that was correct...

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