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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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myspace sloth

Originally uploaded by trisloth
The zigzag lines mean it rocks more
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zigzag rock, your new genre ;)

Maybe I could get waveforms painted on the rock cello..

couldn't even leave your glocks at home, could you, you gangsta.

You know it.

Have you checked out this?
Listening now, it's a lot better than the review makes it out to be.

Also, straight from the source - there is going to be a REMASTERED vynil/CD re-issue of For Your Own Special Sweetheart! With bonus tracks! On Dischord!! You may commence salivating now.

Interestingly, I just downloaded "The Loud Wars" last night. Friends of friends of mine (We Verus the Shark). Haven't checked it out yet.

Also, call yourself Pavlov because you are taking me back to drool school.

Don't short out that keyboard!

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