trisloth (trisloth) wrote,

Plop Sonar Dampy (and other potential album titles gleaned from spam emails)

Dear loyal fans and Russian spambots,

Recording for my new album is done. Mixing is almost done too. Mastering will be done in August or September. From there, the album will come out whenever I can afford it. I'm contemplating taking pre-orders in order to finance the vinyl run and a limited publicity campaign. Thoughts?  Maybe I can get 500,000 Twitter followers in the next 2 months, invent a random hashtag acronym, and make a killing selling t-shirts of it.  In lieu of that, I'll just continue winning the unstated quest to be the most obscure J Robbins-produced project ever.

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview. swith_drawn plays all drums/percussion, and J did one hell of a production job. One of these mixes is less than 24 hours old! Bandcamp makes it easy, so enjoy while you can. These won't be up for long.

If you feel like spreading the cellove, click the "Share" link...

Tags: album, recording
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