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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

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Dear LiveJournal,

I just launched a project at kickstarter.com to help pay for my new album to be mastered & printed. Essentially, you can now pre-order my new album. Do it now! Choose one of the special options (custom cello song, original art) as a really amazing gift for someone you love.

The funding goal (October 14) is really aggressive, to ensure that the album can come out before the holidays. Please pass this on & repost & tweet & facebook-share & friendster (?!?!?!) if you can.

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I get paid tomorrow, so I'll put money in my account and pre-order tomorrow. how exciting! can't wait to hear this!

Man, if only I knew of a custom cello song I wanted!!! ;-)

oh!!! derrr, of course (i just emailed you asking that)

thank you thank you!!!

The pleasure is all mine, of course!

I await my new CD eagerly.

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