trisloth (trisloth) wrote,

Thank you.

The Kickstarter project is fully-funded!

Thanks to those of you who pledged/pre-ordered, vinyl and CDs are a go for my new album! I can't properly express my gratitude in words - just know that I am extremely humbled and thrilled. It is truly an honor to be putting out an album that is effectively produced by the fan base. Call it whatever you want - crowdsourcing, Music 2.0, fundraising - the album is now basically yours. Gotta Groove Records is already setting up the presses for the vinyl production as you read this! (CDs, which take less time, will start being produced in a couple of weeks)

It looks like the album will come out mid-November, with a release party tentatively planned for 11/22 at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA. More details soon!

Thank you again!! If you or someone you know had been planning on pre-ordering, but haven't done it yet, you can still do so before noon on Wednesday. Once the Kickstarter project ends, I won't be taking orders again until November.

PS. If you'd like to hear a version of the WTOP interview that ran last Friday and Saturday, go here and scroll to the bottom of the post.

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