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Poll! How do you purchase music online?
album insert
I'm curious as to how people purchase music online. Right now I have my new album available at BandCamp, but I'm thinking of adding it to iTunes, Amazon, etc. too. Help me out!

Poll #1492581 Buying music online

Do you pay for downloaded music?

Yes, always
Yes, sometimes
I only download free music
I don't download music

What paid sites do you use, if any?

Amazon MP3

Would you prefer to download music directly from an artist at a site such as BandCamp, or an artist's personal site?


Is there a barrier (real or psychological) that makes a retail outlet (iTunes, etc) preferrable to an artist's own site? If so, what is it?

By the way, all of my CDs and vinyl are $1-off for the rest of today (if you buy direct, ha!). Happy Cyber Monday!
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In addition to iTunes' max encoding quality being lower than my preferred, the restrictions on when and where I can play those songs, combined with the fact that I can't download it again if I have a HDD failure, rules them right out. Basically, if I can't pay to download it directly from the artist (pref in a high encoding), I'm probably going to download it illegally for free. Just how it goes.

I agree on most counts, though the iTunes store is now mostly DRM-free, at least on all of the music I've bought recently. If not, you can burn and re-rip, and then you have a hardcopy backup as well.

If not, you can burn and re-rip, and then you have a hardcopy backup as well.

True, but burning and re-ripping is even worse encoding. *shudder*

Plus I'd rather the artist get all the money anyway; Apple's crapping encoding levels just make it easier for me to put my money where my mouth is.

That's why I love BandCamp, because the default encoding is 320k - and for the same price you can choose lossless formats! But I think that BC hasn't reached some sort of critical threshold of mainstream acceptance yet. I really hope it does.

I'd buy stuff from Bleep.com and pages like that. I also buy video games online, so I guess there's no real reason not to buy music. Even though I prefer the entire netlabel aspect and am one of the people who likes to have physical proof of "owning" that piece of music and putting it in her shelf. If there was an actual purchase process involved.

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