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gordon withers

rock cellist and maker of internets

6 January 1978
Rock cellist. Official site.

Member of Office of Future Plans.

Important Public Service Announcement:
sloths come in two varieties -- three-toed and two-toed (but even the two-toed ones have three toes on their hind feet). all live in trees. if an unfortunate sloth falls out of its tree, it must drag itself along the ground with its arms to the next tree, because its back muscles are too weak to stand on all fours. however, sloths are excellent swimmers. algae grows in sloths' fur and provides camouflage from predators such as eagles. moths and spiders also build their nests in a sloths' fur. at one point, there used to be giant ground sloths, but these are all extinct today. they ranged in size from ones that were as small as a cat to Megatherium, which was larger than a full-grown elephant.
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